Defrauded Nations

READ ABOUT THE RESCAP BK OF 51 LENDERS and how Banks are trying to use BK remote to remove you from your Civil Rights and Steal your pension money.

The banks under investigation for the rigging of the LIBOR index  include Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), HSBC, Citigroup, Citi, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Credit Suisse, Lloyds, HBOS (now a subsidiary of Lloyds), Rabobank, RBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, WEST LB, and NORINCHUCKIN.  

April 8, 2013. In Louisiana, The banks currently being sued in the US under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) laws are Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of America, Chase Home Mortgage of the Southeast, JP Morgan Chase, CitiMortgage, GMAC (now Ally Financial), HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company, Suntrust Bank, United Guaranty Corporation, Washington Mutual (now owned by Chase), Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, U.S. Bank, and La Salle Bank.
3/15/2014 US Regulators are Finally suing 16 BANKS where I have been screaming RICO since the first arrests on the LIBOR were actually made.
These are the consumer loans that were securitized and placed into the Trusts. Thing is, this was not just the predatory loans, it was ARMs, Interest Only’s, and Fixed.
The Independent Foreclosure Review that promised homeowners up to $125,000 in damaged for wrongful foreclosures. It was discovered on April 26th, 2013 that while Wronged Homeowners Got $500 a piece in Foreclosure Settlements, Consultants Who Helped Protect Banks Got $2 Billion.

April 26, 2013 The CFTC (US Commodities Futures Trading Commission) has sent subpoenas to ICAP and to as many as 15 of those member banks, and plans to interview about a dozen ICAP employees from the company's office in Jersey City, New Jersey. Moreover, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, or ISDA, which works together with ICAP (for U.S. dollar transactions) and Thomson Reuters to compute the ISDAfix benchmark, has hired the consulting firm Oliver Wyman to review the process by which ISDAfix is calculated. Oliver Wyman is the same company that the British Bankers' Association hired to review the Libor submission process after that scandal broke last year.
Fifteen other banks, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and UBS, have been issued subpoenas for their role in submitting the bids and offers used by ICAP to create the benchmark.

So although it's not quite as widespread as Libor, ISDAfix is sufficiently power-jammed into the world financial infrastructure that any manipulation of the rate would be catastrophic.

This is actually more than a $500 Trillion dollar investigation. The numbers are staggering and the Means Motive and Opportunity are all outlined in this book.
There are many unsettling truths.. my personal favorite truth being how Barclays Bank (actually LIBOR arrests) and Deutsch Bank Securities ( the ones who actually created these illegal trusts like with my first ( assigning the major banks i.e. Wells Fargo, US Bank an HSBS who actually held cartel dealings for money laundering and paid sanctions of 3.9 billion euros).

These two criminal institutions actually were acting as advisors to the FDIC for the Indymac seize transfer to One West to position insurance payouts still on many of these very illegal trusts. That would be insurance fraud with collaboration to defraud our Government all with our governments blessing. Oh I love that altered all in one deed and loan assignment on an under-secured second they crossed out and hand wrote the words “Deed of Trust” on my title, so One West could illegally collect a 90% payout through this government agreement. Forget the fact that by doing this it immediately dissolves the note itself, its the insurance (fraud) that matters right?

The Federal Reserve and international banks like JP Morgan are heavily involved in the internationalization of the Yuan where China has opened Yuan “clearing houses in multiple countries to allow faster convertibility of the Yuan, quietly supplanting the dollar as the world reserve currency. These clearing houses now exist in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Kenya. We are also fully aware of the intent to jump ship just like the the Bank reps suicides, what 8 now? BofA Jp Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citibank to avoid life in prison for committing these crimes.